The Future of the EM Job Market is Unknown

Explore the dynamic shifts in the U.S. Emergency Medicine job market in our latest blog post, where we analyze the impact of the pandemic, changing trends in physician staffing, and the growing need for flexibility in healthcare.

Three Practices to Lead with Humanism and Influence Change in Hospital Medicine.

“Empathy, patience, and active listening should be taught in hospital leadership training, and practiced daily by leaders,” says Rachel Thompson, who will begin as Core Clinical Partner’s Chief Medical Officer at the start of 2024 and Immediate Past President of the Society for Hospital Medicine.

Doctoring While in Debt

The weight of hefty student loans often triggers a “pay-it-off-at-all-costs” mindset among physicians. This is admirable, but such a rush to become debt-free can often overlook the nuances and potential opportunity costs of student loan repayment.

The Largest Emergency Medicine Groups are in Trouble

Rethinking the scale of success: why bigger is no longer better in emergency medicine services.

GAHE Podcast: Physician Leadership with Dr. Boykin Robinson

Dr. Boykin Robinson shares his thoughts on Physician Leadership with Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives.

Not Your Average Community Hospital

Living and working in Steubenville, Ohio, is about more than just a job — it’s about experiencing a different pace of life, immersing oneself in a warm and welcoming community, and having the opportunity to provide high-quality healthcare to a diverse range of patients.

Navigating the Physician Services Market: 5 Pieces of Advice from Core CEO Dr. Boykin Robinson

Dr. Boykin Robinson on the HM and EM physician services market, and how he thinks about growth, leadership, team-building, and many more topics.

How the past three years revealed Hospitalists’ capacity for leadership in healthcare

Dr. Rachel Thompson spoke recently on leadership at the annual gathering of the Society for Hospital Medicine (SHM).

About to finish residency? Make sure to do this before starting interviews

Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine physicians who are just starting their careers should take the time to define their dream job.

Four myths about LLCs for Independent Contractor Physicians

For physicians who are either newly entering the job market or who have spent their career as a W-2, there can be several misconceptions about LLCs

Emergency Medicine Workforce Podcast: Can EM groups scale AND maintain personal relationships?

There are so many upsides to scaling an emergency medicine business – better managed care rates, more streamlined standard procedures, and better pricing on billing to name a few.  But the potential downside of a big ED practice is a loss of personal touch with the patients and pressure to meet investors’ demands…