5 Reasons To Join the Core Travel Team

Travel physician jobs have higher pay and more flexibility, but at Core you also get the security of a growing, high-quality physicians group.

Three Important Benefits of Geographic Rounding

Geographic rounding can help facilitate multidisciplinary rounding, reduce length of stay, and improve collaboration amongst your clinical teams.

What Physician Groups Communicate

In the HM and EM physician services market, trying to figure out what a group stands for can be a bit tricky.

Independent Contractor Physician: Should I form an LLC or S. Corp?

For independent contractor physicians (ICP), one of the first questions is likely to be about the difference between forming an LLC and an S. Corp.

Doctorpedia Podcast: The Future of Emergency Medicine with Dr. Boykin Robinson

Dr. Boykin Robinson talks with Doctorpedia about his early interest in medicine, the inefficiencies of the emergency department, and much more.