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About Us

Core Clinical Partners is a physician-owned practice management company founded on the principles of genuine interactions and forward-thinking innovation. Based on years of experience in the industry, we are committed to a no-one-size-fits-all approach to partnership.

Our founders saw that management groups had become nothing more than vendors to their hospitals, while becoming little more than staffing agencies to their physicians and APPs. Core was founded to fix that. We combine the experience of outstanding operational leaders who believe that true partnership is the key to long-term success with the flexibility to truly align with hospital goals.

Excellence in Practice Management, Powered by Partnership

OUR Mission

Compassionate care through true partnership

OUR Vision

To be a leading healthcare partner through innovation, collaboration, and patient-centered care


Genuine | Accountable | Dynamic
Respectful | Fun


Personalized Client Services 

We prioritize building personalized relationships with hospitals and health systems, aligning our services to meet your specific needs. Our commitment extends beyond service delivery to include continuous collaboration and support, ensuring our clients receive not just expertise, but a dedicated partner. 

The Care Continuum

We know that patient care does not start or end within the walls of the hospital, so we often are asked to provide care across the acute care continuum. Whether this means Telemedicine, Urgent Care, or Post-Acute Care, we have the tools and the resources to provide exceptional care for our patients from the time they feel sick until the time they return home.

Best of Both Worlds

Combining the benefits and experience of a professionally managed group with an engaged physician team creates an unparalleled level of alignment for all involved. This alignment is key not only to better metrics, but most importantly to better patient care.

For Hospitals

Learn more about our process improvement initiatives, our patient flow assessments, and how we can partner with your facility

For Clinicians

Learn more about our clinician-centric group and available career opportunities

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