The Power of Partnership
Excellence in Emergency and Inpatient Care

Core Clinical Partners is a physician services company specializing in both emergency medicine and hospital medicine. We combine the engagement of a private group with the competitive advantages of a national company.


Ownership Mentality

Core Clinical Partners is a physician owned company that partners with local physicians and hospitals in ways that improve the alignment of hospital goals and the engagement of our clinicians.  Creating alignment of interests improves patient care while also ensuring that all stakeholders are working toward the same goals.  These collaborative partnerships will be the key to success in a value-driven healthcare marketplace.

Hospital Partnership

As the demands on healthcare facilities have grown and gotten more complex, it is increasingly important that outsourced physician groups are truly partners with the hospital. Our leadership team has decades of industry experience in Emergency Departments and with Hospital Medicine services of all sizes and geographies, and we know that our success is completely contingent on the success of our relationships with the hospital and with our physician partners. 


A Model To Foster Communication

We believe that consistent communication is key to our success.  To that end, we hold monthly meetings with both administration and our providers to ensure that all goals and the solutions to reach them are clearly understood by all stakeholders. Our dyad model pairs a physician leader with a healthcare business leader to ensure that we have the right tools to provide excellent service to our patients, our providers, and our partner facilities.

Customized Contracting

Our unique contracting models allow us to create customized arrangements for each hospital partner to ensure that we are providing the services needed for each individual program. On the clinician side, we partner with the team in ways that make sense within the overall hospital relationship so that we are fully aligned with all stakeholders.

The Quadruple Aim Of Healthcare

Value-based Approach

As healthcare continues the journey to value-based reimbursement, it is increasingly important that outsourced physician management companies be more than vendors. The complexity of the post-COVID-19 “new normal” will magnify the importance of having a true partner on the physician management side. Our leadership team has decades of experience in the industry but, even more importantly, our company has the flexibility and creativity to ensure that we stay aligned with our hospital and physician partners as healthcare continues to evolve.

Part of a true partnership is the free flow of information. We believe that transparent financial arrangements with our partner hospitals are the only way to ensure complete alignment and partnership. In addition, we are confident in our ability to provide exceptional care and improvement in key performance indicators such that many of our contracts put all of our profitability at risk based on clinical outcomes.

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