Emergency Medicine

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Providing quality care is the foundation of our company. Whether that means designing the optimal process, designing the most effective staffing model, or hiring the right clinicians, quality patient care is always our focus and end goal. We believe in transparency amongst our clinicians and that metric scorecards should be both individualized and created at macro levels for the group. Core works with hospital leadership to identify areas for improvement and then sets short- and long-term goals, benchmarking Emergency Department performance against peers and similar hospitals. Using the mindset of a High-Reliability Organization, accountability at the individual and group levels helps provide a framework for continuous improvement. Core has identified the greatest possibilities for failures in the Emergency Department so that we can proactively work to reduce errors. In emergency medicine, for example, we know the most common malpractices cases and have designed training modules and educational programs to prepare for and treat those cases in a uniform way.

Emergency Department Staffing

Optimal Emergency Department scheduling requires careful evaluation of arrival patterns by hour and day, acuity, and seasonal variation. In most circumstances, schedules should be different on different days to avoid volume-capacity mismatches and to ensure patient flow is optimized. The role of APPs in the Emergency Department is evolving over time and their importance in providing value-driven healthcare going forward cannot be overstated. One factor when deciding on the utilization of APPs in the ED is the current medical staff culture but, in general, we select and train APPs to practice at the top of their license. In busy EDs, APPs may see half of the patient population or more. Core uses predictive analytics and demand-capacity modeling to ensure that our capacity to see patients will match or exceed the expected volume demands across all hours at all facilities.

ED Patient Arrivals

ED Medical Directors

Core’s Medical Directors are the foundation for our success in each Emergency Department. Core places special emphasis on hiring, training, and retaining site medical directors. Facility medical directors are expected to be expert communicators so that they can serve as a daily liaison between the physicians, advanced providers, local administration, and Core leadership. Their ongoing responsibilities may vary and are typically spelled out in the contract with the hospital. ED site medical directors who have not been certified in Lean will be scheduled for a session either on or off site to ensure an understanding of the methodology and how it can help reduce bottlenecks in emergency medicine.  Within 12 months of accepting a medical directorship, our leaders will attend the ED Directors Academy through the American College of Emergency Physicians. Our medical directors are heavily involved in performance improvement initiatives and the day to day operations of their emergency departments.