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Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine efficiency, quality improvement for EM, reducing left without being seen, & optimized emergency medicine staffing.

Unlike many Emergency Medicine groups burdened by high debt loads or constrained by external decision-makers, Core Clinical Partners is built to remain nimble, flexible, and dedicated to our hospital partners even as market conditions evolve. Today, we are among the fastest growing, independently financed Emergency Medicine physician groups in the country.

The Emergency Department is the front door of the hospital and often gives new patients their first look at the facility. This initial experience is very important for future healthcare choices, so our clinical teams strive to make it an exceptional visit every time.

We recognize that patient flow and efficiency drive much of the quality and experience in Emergency Medicine, so our clinical operations teams spend more time on site than others in the space. These process improvement projects drive key flow metrics which in turn allows for improvements in quality measures and patient experience.

Another key piece of the equation is the local Medical Director, as this individual will help drive positive change on a daily basis.  We select this individual very carefully and then support them with leadership training and mentorship as they develop.

Process Improvement

Core’s clinical and operational leaders bring decades of experience to process improvement initiatives, both on the hospital side and in physician services groups with national size and scale—but we combine that experience with a flexible and entrepreneurial environment built from the ground up to be dedicated to partnership and aligned with hospital goals.

Patient Experience

Core’s flexibility, dedication to partnership, and alignment with hospital goals enable clinicians on the ground to put patient experience at the heart of every encounter. We use technology, tablets, and real-time dashboards to collect additional information that helps us identify issues as they come up and sustain improvement in patient satisfaction for the long term.

core analytics

Now more than ever, access to real time, actionable, accurate data is essential to any improvement project. And although every click in the hospital EHR creates a data point, pulling this data out of the system in meaningful ways has been challenging for many hospitals. In addition, important data also lives outside the EHR, creating the need to combine data from disparate sources for optimal visualization. Core Analytics solves for these problems by pulling in data from the EHR, our billing platform, the patient experience vendor, and any other pieces of outside data that help complete the picture. Our platform can then analyze data across sources and bring meaningful information back to our partner hospitals. This example of our emergency physician balanced scorecard shows some of the depth of the data we collect across quality, productivity, and experience metrics.


One key element to having a successful ED is the ability to match clinician capacity to patient volume on an hour-by-hour basis. Most ED’s need schedules that vary by day of week, and often also by month or season. Our proprietary demand-capacity modeling takes the guesswork out of scheduling and uses arrival curves, acuity, census, and skill mix to find the optimal coverage patterns that are both cost-efficient and meet the expected need. Click to see an example of how our demand capacity model works.


Unsure about whether to make a change? At Core, we welcome the opportunity to bring our decades of expertise to conduct an operational assessment of your emergency medicine services. Our confidential assessments can examine financial performance, staffing plans, revenue cycle management, process improvement, patient flow, or all of the above.

Learn more about how we can partner with your facility.