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What Physician Groups Communicate

At the end of last year, Core completed a redesign of our website. Any time a company does this, it’s an opportunity to think about what they are trying to communicate and how to do it in the best way possible.

We’ve noticed that, especially in the HM and EM physician services market, trying to figure out what a group stands for can actually be a bit tricky.

Focus on partnership

For Core Clinical Partners, there are some things we wanted to change in the redesign, but others stayed the same. One thing that stayed was our tagline: The Power of Partnership:

But what does “partnership” really mean?

CEO Dr. Boykin Robinson wrote about this in his most recent newsletter:

I think to actually be a good partner to hospitals, you need to first, hire amazing clinical and operational leaders, and second give them the time and bandwidth to truly devote the attention that is necessary at each site. 

At Core, this means ensuring our operational leaders have fewer hospital and health system relationships to manage than would be the norm at other groups. Our directors of operations manage about 4-5 contracts each, whereas other groups think the right number is around 8-10.

This enables our operations team to truly devote the time necessary to be effective at sustaining change, improving patient satisfaction, and meeting our hospital partners’ goals for quality of care. For example, when there was a major Covid surge at one of our partners in Louisiana, our VP of Clinical Operations, Mark Canada, could be there in person to help rapidly implement a split-flow model in the emergency department. Throughout the crisis, left without being seen rates actually fell, while patient satisfaction increased.

Excellence in emergency and hospital medicine

While our message on partnership stayed the same, one thing we wanted to improve on our website was how we communicated what else sets us apart.

Specifically, we wanted to communicate how our model allows Core to tailor each hospital contract to meet the unique needs of that community. We’ve often referred to this as a No One-Size-Fits-All approach. While other physician groups claim to have discovered THE way to deliver excellence in emergency and hospital medicine, we think it’s better to recognize that while hospitals and health systems may share common challenges, ultimately each community has its own unique circumstances, requiring a combination of experience, capability, and especially flexibility in our approach. 

That’s why, in addition to highlighting our commitment to partnership, our new website focuses on three other key differentiators:

  1. We offer flexible hospital contracting. Core tailors each proposal to the unique challenges of that hospital or health system. We don’t think there is a “one-size-fits-all” way to structure a partnership, only the way that best serves that specific community.
  2. Core is independently financed, meaning that, unlike all of our large national competitors, we do not have a private equity partner. This makes our services more nimble and flexible because our operational leaders do not have to answer to institutional investors, nor are we burdened by high debt loads.
  3. We combine expansive capability with nimble operations. Our clinical and operational leaders have decades of experience at national groups—but at Core, we’ve built a model that gives them the flexibility and freedom to decide how best to serve our partners and their patients.

Careers and other changes

In addition to the core messaging above, another big change on our website is adding new pages for EM physicians and HM physicians thinking about joining us, as well as new pages for EM APPs and HM APPs. We’ve also added new pages for each of our health system partners, highlighting the communities we serve in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and elsewhere, as well as opportunities to join the Core Travel Team.

Finally, we’ve added a blog—you’re currently reading one of our first posts! In addition to Dr. Robinson’s From the CEO newsletter and our news releases about growth, new hires, and new partnerships, the blog is where we plan to give more information about why we think hospitals should partner with us, why clinicians should join us, and how we are providing excellence in emergency and hospital medicine now and into the future.

If there are any subjects you think are undercovered in our industry, or you are a partner and want to highlight excellent work being done at your site, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, either on our website or via email at We look forward to hearing from you!