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Future-Proofing Physician Services — Issue #18


December 13, 2023 – A Year of Unprecedented Challenges and Growth

While every group confidently projects readiness for future challenges, it’s evident that this year marked a pivotal moment in the world of physician services, filled with unprecedented challenges and changes. When I reflect on the strategic decisions we made early in the year, I am very proud of the meticulous preparations we embarked upon and the inherent strength of our company’s structure. Together, these elements formed a resilient shield, effectively “future-proofing” our organization against the unforeseen and the tumultuous. The strategy and structure of our organization not only sustained us through the whirlwind of 2023, but also underscored our role as trailblazers in physician services, adeptly responding to the year’s challenges.

Anticipating the Unforeseen: Strategic Growth and Flexibility

Our success this year can be traced back to strategic decisions rooted deeply within our organization’s foundation. Most notably, we chose the path of organic growth, steering clear of debt-fueled acquisitions, which has not only kept us debt-free but also granted us unmatched adaptability and financial stability.

In July, opportunities unfolded as Core secured new contracts in Georgia and Oklahoma, quickly followed by rapid onboarding in Alabama, Kentucky, and Ohio – partnerships that were not even on our radar as late as May! Our sound financial health and team’s effective coordination were instrumental in navigating these swift transitions.

Proactive Staffing: Preparing for Growth

Despite having no confirmed new contracts at the outset of 2023, we chose to proactively expand our leadership team and hired a new SVP of Operations and VP of Accounting in anticipation of future growth. This move, coupled with bolstering our recruitment and departmental staff, led to an impressive 67% growth in our team. This forward-thinking strategy meant that when the surge of new contracts arrived, we were fully prepared operationally and culturally, to seamlessly integrate and manage these new partnerships. Our cycle of preparation and growth continued in early fall with the hiring of our new SVP of Strategy, setting our sights on the future.

But our success isn’t just the fruit of strategic planning; it’s also reflective of our people-first philosophy. In a noteworthy example, Core succeeded in fully staffing a new Emergency Medicine program with local physicians in just a month—a feat the previous group couldn’t achieve. Our engaged recruitment team was pivotal in this success, a testament to Core’s nurturing work environment and strong corporate culture.

Dynamic and Adaptable: Core’s Hallmark in 2023

In this ever-changing landscape, Core’s agility and adaptability has proven indispensable and our refreshed corporate values, set to be announced soon, now reflect this. One of these values, ‘Dynamic’, encapsulates our ability to adapt to new challenges in pursuit of continuous improvement. This agility extends beyond operational efficiency to cultivating a culture that attracts and retains top talent, fostering a cycle of success and growth.

Looking Ahead: Core’s Vision for the Future

As we prepare for 2024, Core is poised for continued innovation and growth. We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Rachel Thompson as our Chief Medical Officer in January, further strengthening our leadership. And, with newly contracted partnerships on the horizon for early spring and ongoing discussions with esteemed hospitals and systems, we are excited about what lies ahead.

At a time when hospitals and health systems seek partners not only committed to quality and value but also capable of thriving in change and navigating the unforeseen, Core stands out. I am confident that this kind of dynamism, a hallmark of our organization, positions us not only to meet the current needs of healthcare but also to anticipate and adeptly handle any future challenges.


Boykin Robinson, MD, MBA, FACHE
Founder and Chief Executive Officer