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With a deep understanding of LEAN methodology and patient flow, we can provide solutions to almost any issue that arises.

The process begins as soon as an agreement is reached. Our team will perform an on-site Throughput Assessment to identify opportunities before we start clinically. This ensures that solutions can be implemented immediately on contract go live.

Case Study:
Boosting Efficiency Through Strategic Change

A 70,000 volume, 46-bed suburban ED achieves increased efficiency thanks to a streamlined triage process, improved front-end operations, and optimized scheduling

Key Features Of Performance Improvement

Data Driven

Our analytics team uses real time data from multiple sources to create a dashboard that can be used to drive change. We work with local IT teams to ensure that we have access to the raw data. Our team analyzes the data, looking for opportunities and solutions.

Streamlined Processes

Our process improvement strategies are based on LEAN methodologies which we employ across the organization to ensure that we operate efficiently in all aspects of our business.

Driving Patient Flow

We believe that patient flow starts when the patient decides to interact with the healthcare system and have partnerships that allow technology to improve the patient experience before they even leave home. We assess each Emergency Department and Inpatient Unit for barriers to patient flow and will perform a full analysis with complete process mapping before a new contract starts.

Patient Experience

Our overarching goal is to provide outstanding care while also creating an experience that is well-received by patients, nurses, and providers. Patient Experience coaching – Ongoing provider education capitalizing on our years of experience as to what moves the needle on scores.

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