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“The Classic, Great American Small Town”

Physician and APP jobs at St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe, Louisiana

It’s a town of about 50,000, with a rich history, cultural diversity, and a friendly community, situated on the winding banks of the Ouachita River, and surrounded on all sides by water and wildlife preserves. It’s not uncommon to see teenagers on their way toward one of the town’s many recreation areas to fish, waterski, or kayak. And not to mention all the beautiful waterfront homes lining the bayous.

The opportunities for outdoor recreation of all kinds are bountiful here—but Monroe is also big enough so that is something for everyone, said Dr. Paul Petty, an emergency medicine physician who, along with his wife and kids, has lived and worked in Monroe for the last eight years.

“It’s the classic, great American small town,” he said.

The hospital

The St. Francis Medical Center emergency department sees 45,000 patients annually. The emergency department has 23 beds, with 6 fast-track beds. There is also a residency program for internal medicine.

St. Francis is by far the largest hospital around until you reach Shreveport two hours to the west, or Jackson, MS about the same distance to the east. Petty says they do transfer some complex cases, though as transfers have become more difficult over the past three years, St. Francis has only become more foundational to the health and well-being of the surrounding communities.

During a Covid surge in the Summer of 2021 that saw daily volume in the ED more than double, the hospital became a critical center of care in the region for patients to receive lifesaving treatment (a surge chronicled in the October 2021 From the CEO newsletter). At a time when other facilities in the area were overburdened and requiring appointments to receive monoclonal antibodies, the team at St. Francis ens

ured that patients who needed it could walk in and get the potentially life-saving treatment quickly.

Petty said that, since Core Clinical Partners took over management of emergency medicine services in May 2021, the ED has made great strides toward getting more and better quality staffing.

“With Core running the ship, there’s much more involvement from the company leadership, a lot more buy-in to the success of the program. It’s a tremendous improvement from where we were to today, and it’s all reflected in the metrics,” Petty said.

He added that, in particular, retention has been critical to getting the hospital staffed with high-quality clinicians: “Core has put a lot of emphasis on having a good culture and team and a family environment. When you successfully recruit and get doctors and nurses here, they stay for the culture.”

The town

Monroe has a low cost of living, ample opportunity for outdoor activities, and even an airport that connects to major hubs like Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta. There are more than 100 locally owned restaurants, ample shopping, museums, six colleges and universities, strong public schools, and inexpensive private schools.

The strong local economy is anchored by healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The largest employer in Monroe is the University of Louisiana at Monroe, which provides jobs for thousands. Monroe is a diverse town, with a mix of African American, White, and Hispanic residents, and there is also a large military population, with the Louisiana Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve having a strong presence in the area.

Finally, Monroe has a vibrant downtown area with a variety of shops, restaurants, and local breweries. The town is known for its lively music scene, with a mix of jazz, blues, and country music being popular. Monroe also has a strong arts community, with several annual festivals and events being held throughout the year.


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