Why Core Clinical Partners

Core Clinical Partners is a physician owned company with local ownership shared between the physician-owned management company and the core local physicians.   However, control at the local level is maintained in all circumstances by the management company so that decisions will always be made in a manner that aligns with the interests of our hospital partner.   This hybrid model allows for optimized contract management with the engagement of a local group.

As the demands on healthcare facilities have grown and gotten more complex, it is increasingly important that outsourced physician groups are truly partners with the hospital.   Our leadership team has decades of industry experience in Emergency Departments and Inpatient Units of all sizes and geographies, and we know that our success is completely contingent on the success of our relationships with the hospital and with our physician partners. 

We believe that consistent communication is the key to this success and to that end hold monthly meetings with both administration and with our providers to ensure that all goals and the solutions to reach them are clearly understood by all stakeholders.   Our dyad model pairs a physician leader with a healthcare business leader to ensure that we have to right tools to provide excellent service to our patients, our providers, and our partner facilities.

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