Transition Timeline

The time surrounding the announcement of a change in Emergency Department or Hospital Medicine management is a crucial one to the initial success of the transition.   After a decision, our team works with the hospital executive team to ensure that we can be on site meeting with physicians and Advanced Practice Providers immediately after an announcement is made.   There is often considerable angst among providers at the prospect of a management change, and our goal is to have face to face meetings with each provider within the first hours and days of any announcement.   This calculated timing along with the appeal of our model to providers ensures a smooth and successful transition.

A seamless transition will also involve communication with the nursing teams and with the medical staff.  Our team is available for town hall meetings, medical staff meetings, or Board meetings as appropriate to ensure that all key stakeholders are aware of and comfortable with the change.  A sample timeline is below, but these are customized to best match the local circumstances.

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