At Core Clinical Partners, we want to be fully invested in the success of every aspect of the emergency departments and hospital medicine programs we serve. We welcome the opportunity to bring our expertise to the partnership as we look to optimize process and financial efficiency. Our leadership team has decades of experience creatively solving problems in programs of all sizes, and we have partnered with leading tech-forward companies to ensure that we stay ahead of the curves.

Our assessments are deep dives into process flow, staffing, and revenue cycle. They help to uncover the root causes to issues that may be far upstream from where the effect is being felt. Please feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment if you think there is value that can be uncovered. These assessments are built into the normal workflow with hospital partners but are also great ways to get to know one another early in a decision process.

Financial Assessment

Core Clinical Partners runs the business side of the company using the same LEAN methodologies that we employ when solving complex hospital flow issues. This elimination of waste hits the bottom line and allows us to run the company efficiently as well. Our years in the industry have also created opportunities for our leadership team to connect with the best companies for ancillary business support which gives us a further financial advantage. These financial savings are passed along to our hospital partners in the form of lower subsides and an improved ability to scale coverage to growing volumes.

Staffing Assessment

Every program is unique and no one staffing model is right for every facility. Core Clinical Partners uses a proprietary system that maps not only patient arrivals and average daily census, but also patient acuity so that provider hours can be distributed appropriately based on the capacity and the skill-mix that is needed. If desired, this modeling can be duplicated for other clinical staffing in the ED or hospitalist program to ensure that all personnel are properly aligned with the expected arrivals, census, and acuity. A smarter schedule that matches volume to capacity will allow for fewer overall hours staffed throughout the month, while also eliminating the relative understaffing that occurs during the busier days and hours. Once volume by hour of day and day of week is known, provider staffing can be adjusted with small tweaks to meet demand, while ensuring that volume-capacity mismatch potential is minimized.

Flow Assessment

Every ED and hospital medicine program has its own unique footprint and geography such that one size does not fit all when looking at flow solutions. The team at Core Clinical Partners will start to evaluate patient flow immediately and will start to work on a flow assessment as soon as the transition decision is made. Our assessment first takes a deep dive into metric sub-cycle data so that we can analyze at the patient level to find the waste and bottlenecks in the system. This information is combined with on-site observation and interviews to get to the root of the issues and to find solutions that will work given the constraints of the individual facility.

Our flow solutions utilize LEAN methodology and consider all aspects of the patient experience. Whether it is a more efficient solution to manage EMS traffic or the optimized organization of a supply room, we want to eliminate waste wherever possible to improve the job satisfaction of our nurses, our Advanced Practice Providers, and our physicians. Many of the metrics we analyze are timed flow metrics and our projects will certainly improve these numbers, but the over-arching goal is to improve the experience of every patient.

Coding and Billing Assessments: Professional and Facility RCM

Many health systems that perform their own professional fee billing have significant opportunities for coding and revenue cycle optimization. The same can be true for facility side coding and billing whereby a hospital or health system could be realizing additional revenue by improving that process. Our proprietary data analytics can compare your professional and facility side financials to local benchmarks to determine whether there is opportunity for improvement. If so, our team is happy to assist with a full assessment to determine how to best make the needed changes to help improve top-line revenue.

Start Your Assessment

Please let us know if you would like us to take a confidential, no cost, no obligation look at your financial metrics to determine if there are potential cost savings via more efficient scheduling, improved revenue cycle, or simply through more efficient financial management of the contract.