Core Clinical Partners is a physician-owned, physician-run company that offers partnership at the local contract level to our core physicians. This level of partnership is unusual in the space but is part of our company DNA and we think is vital to our long-term success. Our leadership team has decades of experience in the Emergency Medicine physician services space and have created a hybrid model that utilizes best practices from around the industry.

Our goal is to be the group of choice for every new market we enter and to have long synergistic relationships with all of our physicians. With excellent support for scheduling, coding, billing, and payroll, we take care of everything but the patients, so that our physicians can focus on what they do best.


Financial Planning – we want our physicians to keep more of what they make, and to plan well for the future. To that end, we offer all of our new physicians a free, no-obligation session with an established financial planner who focuses exclusively on physicians.

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