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Atlanta, GA—Core Clinical Partners today announced that it would bring d2i’s industry-leading data and performance tools to all of its partners, covering 25 hospital medicine and emergency medicine programs across 6 states. 

The new partnership will send the benefits of these tools to small community hospitals and large system partners alike, further delivering on our promise to combine the capabilities of a national HM or EM group with the service and dedication to partnership of a smaller one.

“We made the decision to move all of our clinical data onto their platform so that all of our partners would get the benefits of better analytics. Having actionable data is a very important piece of the puzzle, but you then need a team that can execute on the issues that are identified. Our second-to-none operational teams, armed with this data, will solve problems and improve clinical performance across all of our partner facilities,” said Core Clinical Partners CEO Dr. Boykin Robinson.

The tools provided by d2i provide real-time dashboards and analytics in finer detail and with more actionable insights than any other analytics platform on the market today. They combine detailed, time-stamped electronic health record data with throughput, quality, scheduling, and patient experience data into a single data warehouse that is useful to both our operational leaders and onside medical leadership, with benefits including greater operational efficiency and improved care quality.

The solutions are tailored with more than 20 years of experience with hospital medicine and emergency medicine programs to reduce ED crowding, practice variability, unnecessary utilization, and length of stay, as well as promote quality initiatives and improve patient satisfaction.

Mark Canada, Core’s VP of Clinical Operations, is leading the project and plans to have all Core facilities up on the platform by June of this year.


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“Our second-to-none operational teams, armed with this data, will solve problems and improve clinical performance across all of our partner facilities.”
– CEO Dr. Boykin Robinson


About Core Clinical Partners
Core Clinical Partners is a hospital-based physician services company founded on the principles of partnership, transparency, and clinical alignment, overseeing 25 emergency medicine and hospital medicine programs in six states and serving more than 550,000 patients annually. In a market where outsourced groups have become vendors to their hospitals and staffing agencies to their clinicians, Core does things differently by developing unique models at each site that align with the needs of both the facility and the clinicians.  By combining the capabilities of a national group with the kind of individualized, on-the-ground service usually only found in smaller groups, Core is able to guide hospitals and health systems on their journey toward top-tier metrics and outstanding patient experience.