How Core’s focused physician services management helped a hospital in Louisianna deal with a COVID Delta surge.

The Standard Hospitalist Scheduling Can Be Improved—Helping to Reduce Burnout and Improve Patient Care.

The goals of geographic rounding and barriers to success. Plus: multidisciplinary rounds and how Core brings a toolkit for long-term success.

I started Core Clinical Partners to combine the capabilities of a big EM & hospitalist group with the service and buy-in of a smaller physicians group. How do you do that? Start with building the right team.

We were told bigger would be better. It hasn’t quite turned out that way. In the second issue of From the CEO, I lay out the promises of consolidation for physician groups, and where those promises fell short. But first, we need to understand why consolidation happened in the first place.

Welcome to the first issue of a monthly newsletter we’re launching here at Core Clinical Partners. I plan to send these reports out on the first every month, and I plan to write about all things related to the business of emergency and hospital medicine, unscheduled acute care, and the evolving healthcare landscape from a physicians services group point of view.