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Casey Thuma, Senior Project Manager


Senior Project Manager

Casey serves as the Senior Project Manager in Finance, where she brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of excellence in healthcare administration. Her journey, marked by goal-driven leadership and a focus on operational efficiency, has spanned various roles within both inpatient and outpatient medical settings. Prior to joining Core, Casey held the position of Director of Client Advocacy at a national Healthcare Billing, Coding, & Revenue Cycle Solutions company and demonstrated her leadership capabilities as a Regional Manager prior to that. With a hands-on approach and a keen eye for quality improvement, she has consistently excelled in enhancing patient experiences, boosting productivity, and implementing cost-effective solutions for site operations.

Her academic credentials, including a Master of Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, further underscore her comprehensive understanding of healthcare administration and management. A dynamic and adaptable administrator, Casey’s commitment to operational excellence and patient-centered care makes her a valuable asset to the Core team.