About Us

Core Clinical Partners is a hospital-based physician services company that was founded on the principles of partnership, transparency, and alignment. Through years of experience in the industry, we have created a partnership model that brings hospitals, physicians, and Advanced Practice Professionals together with the common goal of providing outstanding patient care. Our model supports the local group where it needs support, while still allowing the stakeholder mentality that really drives performance.

Our mission is to provide compassionate medical care to all communities in which we serve. This care doesn’t stop at the walls of the hospital and our goal is to be actively involved in our communities by providing charity care for those in need and by contributing our time and resources to community causes that are aligned with our hospitals.

Our Mission

To serve our patients and our communities with compassionate medical care through true partnership with our clinicians and clear alignment with our partner facilities



Compassionate medical care through true partnership



To be a leading healthcare partner through innovation, collaboration, and patient-centered care




Core Clinical Partners is committed to building and maintaining a diverse workforce both at the corporate level and with our provider teams. Diverse and inclusive teams allow us to provide optimal health care to our very diverse patient populations. At Core we understand the importance of employing people of all backgrounds so that we may make more informed decisions for our patients and our business. Our provider teams are both diverse and inclusive with thought given to appropriate representation of our populations with our providers when possible.
Care Continuum

The Care Continuum

We know that patient care does not start or end within the walls of the hospital, so we often are asked to provide care across the acute care continuum. Whether this means tele-medicine, Urgent Care, or Post-Acute Care, we have the tools and the resources to provide exceptional care for our patients from the time they feel sick until the time they return home.

Personalized Client Service

Our high-touch operational culture ensures that we will provide value well beyond that of a staffing company.  With a team of operational experts, we can craft customized solutions that work with each individual facility. Our size allows us to provide dedicated personal attention to each client, and to ensure that our clinical teams are always in sync with the hospital administration and their goals.

Best Of Both Worlds

Combining the benefits and experience of a professionally managed group with the engagement of physician partnership creates an unparalleled level of alignment for all involved. This alignment is key not only to better metrics, but most importantly to better care for our patients.

Contract Areas

Below are our active contract partners and those that are coming soon.

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